Kaizen Medicinals

Kaizen Medicinals is built for Cannabis connoisseurs. It redefines how people perceive pure concentrates. Its line of extracts offers a potent, effective yet clean medicated experience. This is the brand for anyone who seeks high CBD strains. It’s the first brand in Santa Cruz to create a 0 ppm concentrate. As it only produces premium marijuana concentrates, Kaizen Medicinals became a household name. 

kaizen medicinals

Kaizen Medicinals Cannabis Strains 

  • Diamonds Banana OG: Banana OG is a hybrid of Banana and OG Kush. It gives you a smell of banana peels and pine trees with a cinnamon taste. It gives you a high without being powerful. It has a mellow buzz that fades away quickly. But if you use large amounts, it makes your eyelids feel heavy. 
  • Live Resin Diamond Sauce Blue Dream: A Sativa dominant hybrid with high THC level. It’s a cross between Haze and Blueberry strains. It has a delicious scent of blueberry pie while giving you a taste of sweet blueberries that lingers even after smoking. 
  • Live Resin Badder – Purple Medusa: Commonly known as the Nirvana Strain, it’s a hybrid of Misty strain. Because of its cerebral head high, you won’t feel groggy or sleepy. It has a deliciously smooth taste that reminds you of blueberry. Its fragrance gives you a vibe of freshly picked blueberries.