Kan+Ade Medible Mixers

Kan+Ade Medible Mixers describe themselves as part fruity syrup and part medical Cannabis rolled into one magic bottle. Each bottle offers a powerful, sweet treat that you can add to your drink or top it to your favorite dessert. The brand uses the finest strains to make it into a hybrid mixture with perfect flavor. 




Kan+Ade Cannabis Strains 

  • Juicy Watermelon Medible Mixer: Giving you summer vibes, this edible mixer offers watermelon flavors. It’s a delicious tincture that will surely remind you of the bright and fresh taste of the hot season. But enjoy it even if it’s no longer summer. Mix it with your fruit salad or add it to your favorite coffee. 
  • Golden Pineapple Medible Mixer: This Cannabis-infused mixer offers that unforgettable tropical splash of pineapple. It’s sweet and tangy. This is great for any dessert, like adding it to your pineapple cake. Or put it in your fresh fruit smoothie to give you a different wake-me-up beverage. 
  • Grape Medible Mixer: Adding this edible drink to your favorite drink will give you a taste of your favorite grape soda. But that’s not all it could do. Drizzle this tincture to your favorite pie or favorite food and you get the best food you deserve after a long day.