Keef Kola

keef kola


Created to offer a new way to enjoy Cannabis, Keef Kola’s goal is to ensure consumers enjoy a different kind of experience while drinking with friends. Combining fun, social and celebratory experiences, the brand’s creator mixed up Keep Cola and placed a prototype that his 85-year-old grandmother loved. From a small cannabis-infused company to an award-winning cannabis company, Keef Kola products offers different lines of beverage and CO2-extracted oil. 


Keef Kola Cannabis Strains 

  • Keef Mocktail Lemonade: Inspired by everyone’s favorite beverage, Keef Mocktail Lemonade offers the classic lemonade that everyone loves. The only difference is that it has a Cannabis twist that can give a euphoric feeling. A non-carbonated drink that’s sweet and relaxing. 
  • Keef Classic Purple Passion: Offering a balance of sweetness and fix, this drink offers an amazing grape flavor. Truly refreshing, this beverage is a cannabis-infused soda that won’t disappoint anyone’s taste buds. This timeless soda flavor has pure CO2 extracted Cannabis oil. 
  • Keef Classic Bubba Kush Root Beer: An award-winning edible, this beverage is an all-time favorite. Mix it with ice cream to get that perfect root beer float that lets your spirit and motivates the mind. Proven to deliver fun, this drink is a staple for those wanting to extract their creative juices.