Aims to change your life, Kikoko is a Cannabis botanical wellness offering tinctures, herbal teas, manuka honey, and botanical mints. Kikoko offers only the purest organic tea ingredients with no pesticides and flavorings. It uses sun-grown cannabis that has been cultivated using organic farming methods. Kikoko has a kick-ass science team that shows up in its products. 


Kikoko Cannabis Strains 

  • Positivi-Tea: Offering a high that enhances cognitive function, PositiviTea is a single-serving tea bag for a great Sunday morning. Combining green tea and peppermint flavors, Positivi-Tea gives you strong effects in under 90 minutes. Need a longer steep to increase its potency. 
  • Sensuali-Tea: This delicious tea with rich, dark red color from the hibiscus and rose petals offers mild, soothing effects. Perfect to have a relaxing night in bed, Sensuali-Tea offers a more alert feeling once the Cannabis kicks in. A warm and fizzy drink that has a spicy aroma with some floral taste that opens your heart for every sip. 
  • Tranquili-Tea: Aims to help you fall and stay asleep, Tranquili-Tea can give you sedative and relaxing effects. With chamomile and valerian root, this tea has an earthy, ginger root flavor. Great for red-eye flights, this tea offers a pleasant aftertaste.