Kin Slips


Kin Slips was created because its founders wanted sensible and relabel Cannabis products. The brand works around the clock to formulate something that would heighten how one would use Cannabis in everyday life. Every Slip is designed with care in mind. Perfect for running or exploring the world, Kin Slips offering only the right amount of Cannabis that works for everyone. 


kin slips


Kin Slips Cannabis Strains

  • Cloud Buster Sublingual Strip: Offering uplifting effects, this blend of Cannabis is perfect for a morning boost. This vegan strip has flavors of tarragon and citrus. Great for brainstorming, Cloud Buster offers milder high to have a creative buzz.
  • Shut Eye: Sweet and herbal sublingual, these strips will leave you sedated peacefully. Offering calming and body-heavy high, Shut Eye will set you to sleep after just one dose or two. Better than most sublingual, these strips are perfect for insomniacs or want a smooth sailing way to sleep. 
  • Float On: Ideal for those wanting mild effects. Newbies will appreciate the soothing buzz. But it’s too faint for experienced Cannabis users. Flavors of mint and watermelon and perfect for a more satisfying high. Specially made for users with low tolerance, these strips are perfect for couch crashing or bubble baths.