King Karl

Founded because of a personal crisis, King Karl believes in providing feel good – do good Cannabis products. All products are made of natural and organic ingredients. Locally sourced, King Karl ensures you get premium quality products that will make a difference in taste, quality, and results. King Karl partners with local farmers who use sustainable farming technologies. 

king karl

King Karl Cannabis Strains 

  • Dark Chocolate: Made from an award-winning Swedish recipe, this artisanal CBD product contains 90 mg organically cultivated hemp. Offering bitter-sweet flavor, this chocolate bar is buttery and smooth with some hints of fruit and flower. An all-natural product, this chocolate is non-psychoactive. 
  • Milk Chocolate: Releasing caramel notes from the first bite, this CBD milk chocolate is a buttery bar that activates your natural systems that improves mood and inflammation. Perfect for adding sweetness to your everyday wellness routine. This non-psychoactive product is authentically delicious that won’t taste like cardboard. 
  • Body Lotion: Soothing and hydrating, this body lotion is crafted to be easily absorbed by the skin. Includes mint, lemon, and lavender notes, this CBD body lotion hydrates and balances the skin per pump. 
  • Organic CBD Oil: A pure vegan oil, this organic CBD MCT oil offers a mild taste that can be easily added to your favorite drink, shake, and coffee. Perfect for better brain function and boosting overall good health.