Made for smokers by smokers, Kingpen was founded in 2014. Established because of the absence of vape cartridges in the market. A true pioneer, Kingpen is an influential name in California’s Cannabis industry. Offering products for Cannabis connoisseurs and newcomers, this brand continues to raise the bar and promises to offer pure, potent Cannabis products. 




Kingpen Cannabis Strains 

  • Cali-O Vape Cartridge: Also known as California Orange Bud, Cali-O is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa. Its fresh citrus is dominating. Despite its low THC content, it still provides a powerful mental high. The smell is a combination of skunk and pungent but with a dominant citrus base. It has a smooth smoke with a sweet aftertaste. 
  • Ember Valley Collab Apple Fritter and Banana Sherbet: Infused with an award-winning oil, this infused pre-roll product has a Banana Sherbet strain, which is a potent hybrid. Banana Sherbet combines the strains of Sunset Sherbet and Banana Kush. Consumers appreciate it because of its tropical fruit flavor. 
  • Blue Dream Kingroll: A kief-coated pre-roll, this Kingroll has Blue Dream, which is a popular strain. Blue Dream is a cross of Blueberry F5 and Santa Cruz Haze. Top flavors include blueberry and earthy flavors with relaxing and happy effects.