Dispensaries in Los Angeles California are known to carry Kingpen’s high quality products, but Roots Los Angeles is going one step further. Your favorite cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles is happy to present to you their high quality, fan-favorite pre-rolls.  A unique flavor duo is infused into each and every Kingroll, both of which are award winning- the Loudpack flower and their signature oil.  They used unbleached paper in their rolls so you only taste the flavorful combination.  




Kingroll Product Line by Kingpen

  • Gelato Cake x Gelato – Made of Wedding Cake flower and infused with Gelato oil, this preroll maintains the sweetness you would expect of its ‘parent’ strains with a peppery kick added in. Expect a potent aroma made up of vanilla, citrus, and gas.
  • Runtz x Apple Fritter – Runtz flower infused with Apple Fritter oil tastes much like a fruity, creamy dessert.  It has just enough citrus to it to give it a little kick but is far from overwhelming.  This hybrid is Indica dominant, making a perfect pick for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth as they unwind. 
  • Tropicana Cookies x Cali-O – The ultimate sweet and spicy flavor combination, this potent Sativa pre-roll offers a full body high that starts with a burst of creative energy and slowly brings you back down to a calming state of bliss.  One of their more popular pre-rolls, it’s highly recommended for the artistic types in need of a creative boost.
  • Mango Durban X Cali-O – Mango Durban is a Sativa dominant strain resulting from the cross of Durban Poison and Mange Biche.  Cali-O has a strong citrus flavor.  Put the two together and you’re left with a zesty, energizing pre-roll whose high is cerebral without being too intense.
  • Orange Kush x Cali-O – Yet another pre-roll with Cali-O infused oil, but honestly, who is surprised by that?  Cali-O is famous for its potent orange flavor and calm, mellow high that clears the mind and gets the creative juices flowing.  Like Cali-O, Orange Kush is a strain that boasts a strong citrus flavor and a high that invigorates the mind without exhausting the body.
  • Sherbacio x Banana Sherbert – Sherbacio’s flavor is often described as nutty, earthy, and chocolaty, while its aroma has all of that and a hint of vanilla.  Banana Sherbert has a delicious fruity flavor that perfectly complements Sherbacio.  Together they give you a motivating high that won’t wear you down, uplift you without overwhelming you.