Kings Garden


Promising to produce consistent, superior quality Cannabis strains, Kings Garden is the original cultivator in Coachella Valley. The brand is a number 1 recommended company by budtenders. Empowering anyone with confidence and enjoyment to get what you want. Kings Garden grows weed so its consumers can live like a king. 


kings garden

Kings Garden Cannabis Strains

  • Kings Cake: A well-balanced hybrid, King’s Cake is known for its delicious taste and scent. It mimics pineapple and cotton candy for its sweetness. It can be a bit spicy and peppery when you break it. A cross between Mystic Gem and Granddaddy Purple, this strain offers an enticing terpene profile with cerebral effects that are fund and pleasant. You’ll enjoy its ability to drive your creative thinking. Use it to relieve your social anxiety so speaking your mind won’t be an issue anymore. As a hybrid, this strain offers different physical effects that can be light body high or a comfortable relaxation effect. Popular during February and March, King’s Cake is linked to baked sweet cakes. 


King’s Garden has Charlie’s Recipe that guarantees every grow of each strain has the same flavor, smell, and satisfying effects. Not built to reinvent the wheel of weed, the brand’s goal is to help you stay in love today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.