Koko Nuggz

koko nuggz


Koko Nuggz products are perfect if you wish to find ways to improve your stash with new treats. They’re rewarding as they’re loaded with enough Cannabis and sweetness to alleviate your sweet tooth. The candies aren’t infused, allowing them to be a real treat. Perfect for beginners, the Koko Nuggz brand aims to give you a good, sweet laugh. 


Koko Nuggz Cannabis Strains 

  • OG Flavor: They are toothsome and crunchy. The dominant taste can be defined as run-of-the-mill milk chocolate. Incredibly sweet, they just melt in your mouth. They’re also super fun and great tasting. 
  • Banana Kush Flavor: Can be your favorite flavor, this candy may lack the banana flavor. But the white chocolate will make them nice to chow on. Eat them by a handful or choose to pour milk over them. Easier to break up, they are a delicious rice Krispy treat. 
  • Kush Berry: The flavor is a bit sweet with a Kool-Aid fragrance. The buds offer a hybrid taste of Fruity Pebbles and Crunch Berry. Tasty and sweet without being cloying. Offering a berry flavor too but without the chemical or artificial flavor. 


If you’re looking for a sweet treat, Koko Nuggz can offer you that. They’re a whimsical snack that you can share with your friends.