Kurvana is a brand leader in providing premium cannabis. With its innovative products, the brand will continue to transform the marijuana industry by offering uncompromising quality. Kurvana delivers options not just for beginners but also for connoisseurs. Started in 2014, Kurvana surpassed the industry in terms of quality to create the best full-spectrum products.




Kurvana Cannabis Strains 

  • Purple Punch: Crossing Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purps gave rise to Purple Punch. Giving you euphoric lifted effects instantly. As you enter the state of pure happiness, you’ll start to drift away leading to a peaceful sleep. When you break each nugget, it gives off earthy blueberries and grapes aromas. It tastes very sweet. 
  • Wedding Cake: It’s an exceptional sweet strain with a fruity aroma. Wedding Cake is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. The overall taste is a combination of cookies and cherry pie’s fruitiness. Can act as a sedative because of its calming effects. 
  • Northern Lights: A popular cannabis strain, Northern Lights offers earthy, pine, sweet flavors. It reminds you of a fish mountain air that improves your mental state. Only needs a couple of hits to attain euphoria. A highly medical strain with pine, pungent, spicy, and some sweet aromas.