Kushy Punch

A California cannabis brand, Kushy Punch is an iconic cannabis company that hailed in the Golden State. With its locally sourced oil offering full-body high, Kushy Punch has become unsurprisingly a favorite among legal consumers. Its line of top-selling gummies delivers a consistent, full-body experience. This brand is committed to elevating its standards not just in the lab but also on the shelves.

kushy punch

Kushy Punch Cannabis Strains 

  • CBD Peach Gummy: Offering a pleasant fruity flavor, CBD Peach Gummy is edible that delivers a focused feeling. The gummies are uplifting and calming. They soothe the mind while giving you a more focused mind. Great for smokers with a sweet tooth because of their peach, fruity flavors. 
  • Sativa Strawberry Gummy: A top-selling product because of its succulent strawberry flavor, this gummy is perfectly mixed with potent oil to emit an earthy aroma. Delivers a rich high with euphoric energy. Get giddy with these gummies or awaken your creativity. A great option if you wish to get your shit done. 
  • Indica Watermelon Gummy: Another best-selling gummy, watermelon Indica gummy offers a deep, heavy body high. It provides maximum relaxation, which is perfect if you’re battling insomnia or anxiety. Use it to get an undisturbed night’s sleep or if you wish to manage your aches and pains.