La Familia

la familia


A family-focused Cannabis brand, La Familia aims to provide high-quality cannabis that can naturally heal without the need for industrialized pharmaceuticals. Promising to provide the highest level of cannabis medicine, this brand aims to support La Familia. Offering an array of cannabis services, La Familia is geared to address various illnesses and injuries. 


La Familia Cannabis Strains 

  • Cajeta Chocolate: Popular in Mexico, Cajeta Chocolate is a confection familiarized with dulce de leche. It’s a delicacy in Mexico that offers tasty syrup flavor. It uses caramelized milk to sweeten it. Surprisingly luscious, this cannabis-infused chocolate offers the right amount of milky sweet. 
  • Hot Chocolate: Get a major high with La Familia’s Hot Chocolate bar. It’s an edible treat with uplifting effects. Offering gritty milk chocolate flavor, you’ll melt into your sofa. It delivers mood-boosting, couch-crashing results. It’s great if you wish to brainstorm while at home on a rainy day. Both its aftertaste and texture are exceptionally good. 
  • Menta Chocolate: Combining rich dark chocolate and fresh mint gives you a Menta Dark Chocolate bar that offers a decent high. Mint isn’t known for its deliciousness. But it’s used for holistic treatments. Add a bit of cannabis in and you have the most compelling treat to boost your mood or gives you energy for outdoor activities.