Lagunitas is known for its passion for beer and cannabis. Founded by Tony Magee, the brand uses a lot of good weed just to make great beer. It partnered with AbsoluteXtracts to provide them with premium quality cannabis strains that they can add to their beers. With its Hi-Fi Hops, Lagunitas has finally discovered a sparkling beverage infused with the finest THC and CBD from cannabis that has been grown locally. 



Lagunitas Cannabis Strains 

  • Reverb: Featuring 10mg of THC with zero CBD, Reverb’s flavor will take over after a huge gulp. It lacks alcohol but it has uplifting effects of cannabis. Combining tropical citrus flavors into one bottle, it’s no wonder this beverage is growing in popularity. 
  • Unplugged: A CBD-rich beverage, Lagunitas Unplugged contains 18 mg CBD that creates calming effects with overall relaxation results. With little to no psychoactive effects, it’s great for chilling out. A perfect alternative to alcohol. 
  • Turner: Combining enough CBD and THC, Lagunitas Turner gives you enough high. It’s calming and invigorating. Despite these effects, it still lets you hold a conversation. It can ease your mind or stimulate it. In some users, this beverage makes them hungry and thirsty before the calming effects set in. A perfect beverage to be shared with friends.