Lemonnade offers a menu that focuses on Sativa-leaning, flavor-forward cannabis products. It hand-selects premium quality Cannabis to elevate the brand’s reputation. Lemonnade is a sister brand of Cookies. Founded in 2015, this brand was created for consumers who want an upbeat and euphoric Cannabis experience. It might have created a grassroots cult following. But it remained loyal to its promise, i.e. to offer only the ultimate Sativa experience. 


Lemonnade Cannabis Strains 

  • Blanco: Known for its high THC batches, Blanco offers uplifting and heady effects. Some noted to experience cerebral, more energetic effects. A cross between Wedding Cake and Sirius Chem D, this strain offers a gassy and citrus aroma carrying a hint of spice.
  • Cake Mix: It’s a hybrid strain that has lineage from Cherry pie, Girl Scout cookies, and triangle kush. Cake mix boasts a mouthwatering flavor that leaves you wanting for more. It has a sweet nutty cake flavor with some touches of creamy and fruity cherries. Ideal to be used as a wake-me-up strain. 
  • Lemonchello 28: A well-balanced hybrid strain, Lemonchello 28 offers delightful lemon and cherry flavors. It also induces crisp citrus over notes. With its relaxing effects, this strain is great for daytime and nighttime to treat fatigue and insomnia.