Quality and value. These are the things that Lolo believes in. Hence, it works hard to keeping its prices low while you go high. Focused on providing premium quality products, Lolo offers sweet and tart edibles and some delicious vape cartridges. This brand doesn’t pay a lot on cost production. It stays away from frills, gimmicks, and unnecessary marketing. It just focuses on giving you exceptional weeds. 


Lolo Cannabis Strains 

  • Ice Cream Cake: An Indica-dominant strain created by crossing Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake. When it comes to flavor, the name itself says it all. It’s super creamy. The sweet nuttiness lingers a long time. Its aroma is the same but it has a light pungent effect. The high is beautiful as it is uplifting and relaxing. 
  • Lolo Kush: It’s a potent Indica that makes it a popular strain. Great for pain relief because of its relaxing effects that cause you to feel heavily sedated. The aroma starts by giving a pungent odor and ends in a skunk scent. The high is uplifting at first but it becomes calming lulling you to sleep. 
  • LA Rave: Its parent strains are Grape Pie and Thin Mint Cookies giving you delicious flavors. LA Rave produces sweet scents depicting sweet chocolate and mint with some fruitiness in them. Trying this out gives you a heightened state of awareness.