Mary’s Medicinals

“An alternative to medicine,” reads Mary’s Medicinals’ statement of purpose, “Not alternative medicine.” The team at Mary’s Medicinals wants to provide their patients with a better quality of life with the help of plant-based ingredients and innovations. They do so by merging modern technology with established horticulture practices, drawing on the therapeutic power of cannabis.


marys medicinals


Exploring Mary’s Medicinals

The Mary’s Medicinals catalog doesn’t just have an array of different cannabis variations. On top of that, these come in different forms to make sure you can get the relief you desire in a form that works for you.

  • Transdermal patches – Available in different cannabis varieties, their transdermal patches will provide discreet, accurate dosing when adhered to the skin, providing from eight to twelve hours of systemic relief.
  • Transdermal compounds – These spot-specific balms are meant to provide a much deeper penetration than some of the more common cannabis topicals.
  • Transdermal gel pens – These cannabis extract gel pens are some of the fastest-acting and most accurately dosed cannabis products available,
  • Inhalable vapes – The distillate vape kits come with the cleanest and most potent cannabis oil, available in different blends and at different strengths.
  • Consumable drops – Sublingual oil drops can combine different cannabinoids and terpenes in order to maximize wellness through oral delivery, offering long-lasting benefits by balancing the body’s endocannabinoid system.
  • Consumable capsules – Available in CBD and CBN, these capsules can be a great alternative for inhaled or transdermal applications. They come protected with an enteric coating that protects the dosage from breakdown by stomach acid.


The Mary’s Medicinals Way

At Mary’s Medicinals, their main goal is to make sure that you have access to the natural and effective relief that you want out of your cannabis products and in the form you prefer. Whether you prefer long-lasting or immediate relief or transdermal or consumable solutions, they are sure to have something that works for you.