MVN Productions LLC

Maven Genetics (also known as MVN Productions) product line is curated to elevate their customer’s lives and make every experience unforgettable. They stand behind three main core values as the cannabis connoisseurs that they are. These values are: freedom, well-being, and authenticity.

MVN Productions LLC Flower Strains:

Maven OG
Skywalker OG
Orange Julius
Midnight Snack
Blueberry Skittles
Sugar Kiss
Blueberry Skunk
Mendo Breath
Cherry Gas
Vanilla Frosting
White Out
Apple Custard
Lime Frosting
Mandarin Gold
Blueberry Mac
Gelato Gas
Tropicana Cookies
Sunset Sherbet
Sherb Mints
Kashmir Kush
Orange Truff

Along with all their flower strains, they also carry concentrates for those who prefer that method. These concentrate strains include:

Lemon Gas Live Rosin
Skywalker OG Sugar Diamonds
Tropaya Full Spectrum Rosin
Medusa Cured Sugar
Lemon Meringue Live Resin Badder
Jackfruit Cured Sugar
Guava Kush Sugar Diamonds
Limoncello Cured Sugar

MVN Productions has been growing the highest quality indoor cannabis since 1998. They are hyper-focused on ensuring that every step of the process, from seed to sale, delivers on their core values and the quality they strive for.