Founded as recently as 2020, Napalm made a splash in the cannabis world with a groundbreaking approach in the development of their unique products. In less than a year, they have quickly become one of the fastest-growing brands in cannabis, continuously adding new products to their lineup.


Napalm Cannabis Products

Available in multiple different strains, these are some of the offerings that the fiery Napalm brand will have to offer you.

  • The Grenade – This revolutionary approach to smoking cannabis comes with seven grams of premium flower and one gram of top shelf live resin hand crafted on one XXL Lift Tickets live resin-infused rolling paper with a ceramic tip for consistent air flow and a symmetrical design for an even burn. This is all encased in a keepsake glass grenade.
  • The Flower Bomb – Encased in a bomb-shaped keepsake delivery system, this will include 3.55 grams of premium indoor flower and branded Napalm rolling papers.
  • Live Resin Cartridges – If what you enjoy is vaping, then the live resin cartridges consist of 100% live resin made from premium fresh whole plant cannabis. Like the rest of their products, these are available in a variety of different strains.
  • Infused Chocolates – If you’re not much of a smoker and would rather enjoy some edibles, Napalm offers infused chocolates in dark and milk chocolate varieties.
    Rolling Papers – Of course, if you like smoking joints, you will need rolling paper to make them, and Napalm can offer you their own branded variety.


The Napalm Way

Revolutionary products and enticing strains make Napalm one of the more exciting cannabis brands out there right now, and their product line can be yours through our team here at Roots LA.