Pacific Stone

Self-described as a labor of love, Pacific Stone was born from a group of friends’ passion for cannabis growth. The team cultivates, cures, and packages all of their cannabis directly from their farm to you.


pacific stone


Pacific Stone Cannabis Strains

The Pacific Stone catalog can offer cannabis in two forms: loose flower and pre-rolled joints. These are available in nice delightful strains, each coming in with their own unique taste, aroma, and effects.

  • 805 Sour – Hybrid strain that delivers a balanced buzz between an energetic head high and a relaxing body lull.
  • 805 Glue – Hybrid strain giving you the perfect blend of extraordinary euphoria and relaxation.
  • Sunset Sherbet – Hybrid strain giving you a powerful body bliss and cerebral energy.
  • PR OG – Indica strain delivering a classically strong head high and potent pain relief.
  • Forbidden Fruit – Deliciously aromatic Indica strain with a soft high that can help with minor stress and discomfort.
  • Wedding Cake – Decadent Indica strain with frosty, dense buds for a strong high.
  • Banjo – Stimulating Sativa strain with a loud effect that enhances your mood and improves your outlook.
  • Blue Dream – Legendary Sativa strain with sweet, delicious smoke that has something for everyone.
  • Orange Cookies – Flavorful Sativa strain with a tasty orange citrus aroma and deep calming effects on the body.


The Pacific Stone Way

With a streamlined process that ensures quality all the way from cultivation to delivery, the Pacific Stone way is set on giving you the cannabis experience that you’re looking for, regardless of whether you are a longtime enthusiast or a recent convert.