With an undeniably cool aesthetic and an instinctive approach to weed culture, Packwoods delivers more than just cannabis products. They are determined to give you an experience, regardless of how familiar you are with cannabis or how you choose to enjoy it.


Packwoods Cannabis Strains

Available in classic blunts and their signature Packarillos, the Packwoods catalog of cannabis products is mostly based on four classic strains, each delivering unique experiences. 

  • Animal Cookies – Hybrid strain with a sweet, sour aroma and heavy full-body effects that can help alleviate severe pain and insomnia.
  • Platinum Sherbet – Indica-leaning hybrid strain with a complex skunky citrus aroma and intoxicatingly potent full-body effects.
  • Strawnana – Indica strain with a sweet fruity flavor profile that gives it its name, producing happy and peaceful effects that can sharpen creativity and the senses.
  • Gelato – Hybrid strain that gets its name from its fruity, smell and a strong but manageable high that’s equally euphoric as it is relaxing.


The Packwoods Way

Their signature 100% tobacco free rolling paper is only one of the many factors that make the Packwoods approach uniquely good for you. With their curated collection of cannabis products and their attention to detail when it comes to making them into fulfilling experiences, seasoned weed connoisseurs and newcomers alike will find something to delight themselves with in their catalog.