Papa & Barkley

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Inspired by the eponymous Papa’s back pain, the Papa & Barkley approach is oriented towards improving your quality of life via cannabis-based medicine.


THC Products

The Papa & Barkley collection is based on their Releaf line, which targets different needs and discomforts, aiming to relieve them with the soothing effects of THC.

  • Releaf Chocolate – Available in dark and milk chocolate varieties, these bars have 100mg THC total, with 5mg per piece. 
  • Releaf Gummies – With twenty 5mg THC gummies, these are available in Berry Burst, Juicy Orange, Tart Apple, and Wild Strawberry flavors.
  • Releaf Repair Cream – This therapeutic repair cream is therapeutic, fast-absorbing botanical cream that can keep the skin on your face and neck looking healthy and youthful
  • Releaf Balms – These THC relief balms can help with minor aches, acute discomfort, and relaxation.
  • Releaf Body Lotions – This THC-rich hydrating lotion is more than just a moisturizer. It can help calm minor irritation and leave your skin looking great.
  • Releaf Body Oils – These THC-infused body oils can help you reduce muscle tension, especially when used as a massage oil.
  • Releaf Capsules – Available in different ratios, these relief capsules can help with discomfort, muscle soreness, insomnia, and improving general wellness
  • Releaf Patches – Available in different varieties, these patches can help with mild aches, pains, sleep, and mood enhancement, and overall relaxation.
  • Releaf Tinctures – Available in different varieties, these relief tinctures can help with relieving mild aches, pains, and stress.


The Papa & Barkley Way

When it comes to THC-based relief, there’s no better collection to explore than Papa & Barkley’s. Here, regardless of what’s physically bothering you, you are bound to find something for you.