Papa’s Herb

Based on the eponymous Papa’s life as a Miami weed provider in the eighties, the Papa’s Herb brand channels his character and big heart with every product, delivering cool and fresh experiences for connoisseurs and newcomers alike.


papas herb


Papa’s Herb Strains

The Papa’s Herb collection includes all sorts of different cannabis products, including loose flowers and pre-rolled joints. However, they are best known for their unique collection of strain-specific vape cartridges.

  • Lemoncello Vape Cartridge – Delightful lemon and cherry flavor profile with crisp citrus overtones and a mellow relaxing effect.
  • Grand Daddy Purp – Spicy herbal flavor with hints of grape and berries and a balanced euphoric and relaxing effect.
  • Tangie Vape Cartridge – Happy and focused effects delivered by a distinctly citrusy orange flavor profile.
  • Blue Dream Vape Cartridge – An earthy blueberry flavor profile that is as relaxing as it is uplifting.
  • Wedding Cake Vape Cartridge – Decadent sweet vanilla flavors that will deliver a balanced euphoric and relaxing effect.
  • Zkittles Vape Cartridge – Evoking the sweet berry flavors of the strain’s namesake, it will give you a relaxed, almost sleepy effect.
  • Jack Herer Vape Cartridge – Piney and earthy flavor that delivers uplifting and relaxing effects upon smoking.
  • Forbidden Fruit Vape Cartridge – Citrusy berry flavors with a pleasantly happy and uplifting effect.
  • Gelato 33 Vape Cartridge – These earthy berry flavors will elevate you into an uplifting and relaxed dreamlike state.