Created by cannabis connoisseurs with the goal of providing quality weed to the California recreational market, Parlay lives up to its name by transforming what they’re working with into something of much greater value.




Parlay Strains

Parlay has developed four unique strains in which they take great pride. Their clean and high quality approach to their products is evident, whether you are getting loose flower or vaping cartridges. These are their signature strains:

  • Dolato – Pungent cream aroma with gelato undertones, delivering a cream cake taste and a potent body high.
  • Miami Vice – Gassy cake aroma with pine undertones, giving you a blanched body and head high through a piney cream cake flavor.
  • Gushers – Slightly herbal overtone smell with hints of grape, a taste that evokes tropical fruits and creamy cookies, and a strong body and head high that doesn’t make you drowsy.
  • Parlay OG – Pungent pine aroma with gassy undertones, delivering a mostly piney taste with earthy undertones and an extremely potent body high. 


The Parlay Way

If you are looking to have the best cannabis experience, few brands are as dedicated to achieving the best possible quality than Parlay. This is why we at Roots make sure that you have access to their catalog and get to enjoy their thoughtfully developed products.