One look at their Instagram account and you will notice that Passiflora has a strong love for weed culture. They do this, in their own words, for the passion of flower, which manifests in a complete line of products that cater to all sorts of cannabis tastes and habits. Regardless of whether you are a longtime smoker or a recent convert, there will be something for you.


The Passiflora catalog of packaged loose flower offerings is no joke. In fact, their main objective is to make sure that they have something for every different taste and preference. Let’s take a look at all the different strains that they have to offer.

  • Mt. Kane OG – Indica
  • Wedding Pie – Hybrid
  • Super OG – Indica
  • Larry OG – Indica
  • Do Si Dos – Hybrid
  • Black Mamba OG – Sativa
  • Freddie Kane OG – Indica
  • Jack Herer – Sativa
  • BB King – Sativa
  • Private Reserve OG – Indica
  • Good Crack – Sativa
  • King Louie OG – Hybrid
  • Platinum Blue Dream – Sativa 
  • Herojuana OG – Indica
  • Banana OG – Indica
  • White Widow – Sativa


The Passiflora Way

As you can see, whether you are more of an Indica or a Sativa person, or even a bit of both, there is going to be a strain for you in the Passiflora catalog. Go ahead and explore what they have to offer! We at Roots have it available for you.