Platinum Vape

platinum vape


The team at Platinum Vape is very passionate about what they do, creating a brand that is all about crafting and delivering the highest quality cannabis products. Let’s take a closer look at what this father and son business has to offer.


Platinum Vape Products

Platinum Vape’s catalog has a lot more than just vapes, although that is definitely part of it. They have a much wider range than you’d think.

  • Disposable Vapes – Available in Indica, Sativa, and hybrid varieties, these disposable vape pens are compact, convenient, and discreet solutions for those on the go.
  • Vape Cartridges – Our farming partners extract the highest quality cannabis oil from the finest cannabis flowers in order to create delicious and satisfying vape cartridges.
  • Gummies – These gummies are no average infused treats. Available in a variety of different flavors, each packet will have ten gummy coins with 10mg each.
  • Chocolates – Available in sea salt dark chocolate, milk chocolate caramel, cookies n’ cream chocolate varieties, these deliciously crafted treats are perfectly infused by cannabis experts.
  • Cannabis Flower – Now, if you prefer to be fairly straightforward with your weed smoking, then you will probably want to get your cannabis as loose flower , which Platinum Vape will offer in Sativa, Indica, and hybrid.


The Platinum Vape Way

Every product in the Platinum Vape collection is crafted with both the enthusiast and the newcomer in mind. Regardless of how you choose to enjoy your cannabis, there will be something in their catalog for you.