Plug and Play

Regardless of whether you like classic strains or try new things, there are plenty of different options in the Plug and Play catalog. Each strain is specifically designed to evoke different sensations that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


plug and play


Plug and Play Products

The Plug and Play catalog has a variety of different premium original strains that can equally cater to experienced connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

  • Just Jack – Sweet and earthy flavor with an energetic and creative effect that helps with fatigue and attention issues.
  • Train Wreck – Sweet and floral flavor with an energetic and happy effect that helps with depression and fatigue.
  • Fire OG – Pungent piney flavor with a relaxed and euphoric effect that helps with pain and insomnia.
  • King Louie – Zesty pungent flavor with a relaxed and chill effect that can help with anxiety and loss of appetite.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – Pungent piney flavor with relaxed euphoric effects that can help relieve insomnia and pain.
  • Pineapple Express – Piney citrusy flavor that leaves you with a happy and uplifting effect that can help with stress and depression.
  • Syndicate OG – Earthy pungent flavor that feels chill and soothing, helping with fatigue and insomnia.


The P&P Way

The delightful catalog of Plug and Play will have a variety of different options for you, one of which is bound to appeal to you.