Pure Nirvana

pure nirvana


As its name implies, Pure Nirvana is all about a heightened experience.  Using only clean ingredients for their flavorful gummies, this brand is all about relaxation and relief.  Pure Nirvana also has an astute awareness of their products, namely that their gummies may look appealing to children.  As a result, they are extremely careful and use child-resistant packaging so you never have to worry about those little hands reaching for your ‘candy’.  You can count on Pure Nirvana to bring you peace of mind in more ways than one.


Pure Nirvana Cannabis Infused Gummies

  • Watermelon THC Gummies – While nowhere near as large as the iconic summer fruit, Pure Nirvana’s watermelon flavored gummies are still twice as tasty.  Best of all, its flavor has the same intensity as an actual vine-ripened watermelon with none of the gooey mess or seeds. 
  • Blueberry THC Gummies – If you are in need of something that packs a punch, these mouth-watering blueberry gummies will not disappoint.  A lovely bright blue color, these sweet treats are without a doubt a berry satisfying selection. 
  • Orange THC Gummies – Prepare to tickle your taste buds with the zestiest gummies on the market.  Tangy and potent, they are an excellent source for your daily dose of Vitamin THC.


Roots Los Angeles

Roots LA has such an impressive, almost dizzying selection that it’s hard to know where to start.  These pdocusts are an ideal choice for anyone looking to unwind while still getting a pop of flavor.  To learn more about Pure Nirvana and other edibles we carry, give us a call or stop in and see our selection today.