Pure Vape

Since 2007 Pure Vape has devoted themselves to living up to their name, which is no doubt an impressive feat.  Their products have continued to deliver the same levels of quality and consistency, and customers keep coming back for more of their pure, unadulterated flavors.  Potent and effective, their solvent-free organic products are meant to appeal to socially conscious cannabis users in search of an authentic taste.  Roots Los Angeles is the go-to dispensary for these immaculate flavors and more.


pure vape


Pure Vape Products

  • Pure One – Capable of producing 10 times more vapor than today’s standard cartridge, Pure One’s oil is as clean as it is potent, and it’s very potent.  Available in all three types of strains.  Indica flavors include Purple Punch and Banana OG.  Sativa flavors include Sour Diesel and Hawaiian Snow.  Hybrid flavors include Gorilla Glue and Sunset Sherbet. 
  • Pure Dabbables – Fully edible, medical-grade glass, and easy to dose, Pure Dabbles are an exceptionally versatile concentration of activated THC.  You can dab it, eat it, or roll it, but no matter what you do with it you’re sure to enjoy it.  Available in all three types of strains.  Indica flavors include Granddaddy Purple and Zkittlez.  Sativa flavors include Lemon Haze and Green Crack.  Hybrid flavors Mango Kush and Pineapple Express.
  • Pure Disposables – Boasting a full terpene profile, Pure Disposables are for those seeking a flavorful experience like no other.  Available in all three strains.  Indica flavors include Critical Kush and Skywalker OG.  Sativa flavors include Grapefruit and Jack Herer.  Hybrid flavors include Apple Cinnamon and Gelato.
  • Pure CBD Disposables – Available in non-psychoactive (1:0 boost Frozen Grape), low psychoactive (4:1 rise and shine French Vanilla), and psychoactive (1:1 half and half Strawberry).  Something for every occasion, guaranteed.