Rebel Coast

What began as yet another California-based company producing wine has since flourished into a trailblazing entity, blending the best of two worlds for a revolutionary product- marijuana-infused alcohol.  They have since begun to make other types of cannabis drinks that are alcohol free, giving consumers a pleasant high without a miserable hangover later on.  Rebel Coast has been helping cannabis lovers unleash their inner rebel since 2012.  Los Angeles dispensaries like Roots LA proudly carry these one-of-a-kind weed drinks.  Try one today!

rebel coast

Rebel Coast Drinks

  • Pink Passion Sparkling Beverage – Fizzy and refreshing, you can enjoy the effects of cannabis anywhere, anytime.  Sparkling Pink Passion is an Indica-dominant hybrid with only 49 calories and zero sugar.
  • Lemon Lime Seltzer – Not only is it a blend of two classic citrus flavors, but this seltzer beverage is also a perfect blend of Indica and Sativa.  There are no carbs, calories, or sugars, only a zesty flavor with a little cannabis kick to it.
  • Black Cherry Seltzer – Always a controversial flavor, either you love black cherry or you hate it.  But why sip the haterade when you can sip on this cannabis seltzer drink instead?  An Indica-Sativa hybrid, feel free to enjoy the buzz all night long without any embarrassing lapses in judgment and blackouts.
  • Pink Passion Classic Beverage – The original Pink Passion, has the same fruity flavor and Indica-dominance without the fizz.  If you’re looking for a drink that’s as relaxed as you will be, this is what you should reach for.