Just as their name would imply, Remedi is a wellness-oriented brand that prioritizes the comfort of their patients.  Their products are nothing short of the love child between cannabis and compassion, and all are great for experienced users and newcomers alike.  Because of their medicinal properties, both Remedi and Los Angeles dispensaries such as Roots LA strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor because using their products.  Remedi is here for those in need, but anything that is intended for health and wellness -such as these wondrous products- only work when used properly.




Remedi’s Product Line

Remedi carries three distinct product lines, each with its own unique benefits.  You’re sure to find something to meet your needs.

  • Tinctures – For those in need of quick relief, reach for these nifty little things.  Simply let them melt in your mouth or stir them into a smoothie for something a little more palatable.  Rest is available in 1:5 CBD to THC ratio, and Relief is available in 1:1.  Easy to dose, easy to administer, easy to sit back and relax
  • Capsules – Available in the same ratio as the Tinctures, capsules are for those in need of long lasting Rest or Relief.  Take them with water (hydration is always important anyway!), though they can be taken with or without food.  Results vary but they are intended to last 4-6 hours.
  • RSOs – Short for Rick Simpson Oils, RSOs are the strongest of all three products.  Not only are they fast acting like the Tinctures, they are manufactured to have medical strength.  Meant to give your body exactly what it needs, both Rest and Relief are available in either 500 mg or 1,000 mg.