Rich and Ruthless

rich and ruthless


Rich and Ruthless is the brainchild of Lil Eazy E, son of the gangsta rap trailblazer Eazy-E.  Sold through his label Rich and Ruthless Records, the business and entertainment development firm not only helps support developing artists but also founded a non-profit organization to help inner city kids in need through mentorship and music tutoring programs.  Whether it’s their charitable efforts, cannabis products, or support of up-and-coming musical artists, Rich and Ruthless stands for two things- community and hip-hop.


Rich and Ruthless Strains

  • CPT Station – Uplifting, euphoric, and even capable of helping treat appetite loss.  This Sativa is ideal for any kitchen savvy cannabis lovers, as it’s perfect for making cannabutter and edibles.  Available in Blueberry x Super Silver Haze.
  • CPT Glue – Let this breed of Indica lull you into contentment and relaxation.  Clocking in at 20% THC, CPT Glue is available in Sour Diesel x Chocolate Diesel.
  • CPT Sugar – As sweet as fresh tropical fruit, this Indica will help you relax without making you too drowsy to function.  Need help getting through a particularly rough day?  A spoonful of Sugar is all the medicine you need.
  • CPT Creeper – Do you like surprises?  Do you like Sativa?  Then you’ll love Creeper, whose vibrant high will sneak up on you.  You’ll be overflowing with energy thanks to its flavorful blend of sweet berries and earthy wood.   
  • CPT Cookies – Struggling with pain, nausea, or low appetite?  Put down the chocolate chips and butterscotch, these are the only Cookies you’ll need.  An Indica if there ever was one, its aroma is a blend of oranges, cinnamon, chamomile, hops, and pine.