Alcohol-free beer, wine, and champagne might not sound like anyone’s idea of a good time.  But if it’s Rickett in your glass thing couldn’t get any better!  Rather than risk a hangover, their THC and CBD infused drinks have become a staple at Los Angeles dispensaries.  In fact, LA dispensaries are the only place that you can find their elegantly bottled cannabis champagne.  Named as one of Rolling Stone’s best cannabis gifts for 2020, Rickett’s cannabis beverages guarantee the buzz you crave without any of the downsides that alcohol is notorious for.


Rickett Jolie Cannabis Champagne

  • Jolie Fleur Blanc – The aroma and flavor is a mouth watering blend of green apples, freshly plucked pears, and just a pinch of melon.  Crisp and dry, Jolie Fleur Blanc will leave you with a light aftertaste of cannabis.  It is just as bubbly, sparkling, and fun as the high you will feel from drinking it.
  • Jolie Fleur Pink – Craving something sweet yet tart?  Jolie Fleur Pink has exactly what you need.  Light and refreshing, this cannabis beverage has a distinct raspberry kick to it.  It’s as the old saying goes- a raspberry a day keeps the hangover away, or something like that.