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Going beyond being just a cannabis provider, 22 Red is a lifestyle brand that also focuses on music, fashion, and wellness. Strongly based on founder Shavo Odadjian’s passion for innovation and creativity, the brand draws from numerology and synesthesia to create unique feelings and experiences through their lines of products.

22 Red Cannabis Strains

  • Church 22 – This hybrid blend is 22 Red’s signature blend, regarded as the culmination of creator Shavo Odadjian’s experience in the world of cannabis. It earned its name due to its frankincense aroma that evokes the scents of Christian churches. This strain is unique to the 22 Red line.
  • Mimosa 22 – A hybrid sativa strain described as a blend between Orange Cookie and Purple Punch, is a favorite among those looking for a happy medium high, a bit of a citrusy punch, and a relaxed bliss that can set you up for a great rest of your day.
  • Caramel Gelato – Thanks to a fruity and sweet scent, this hybrid indica strain is reminiscent of a cross between gelato and orange apricot. This is a blend for the more experienced cannabis users, since it provides a strong sense of euphoria with a memorable body high.
  • 22 OG – This indica blend is the most powerful in the 22 Red catalog. It is called the OG because it is derived from a1998 Kush plant that has aged, in their own words, like a fine wine. This blend is perfect to decompress after a long day, hitting that sweet high spot to help you relax.

22 red

The 22 Red Way

With each blend, the team at 22 Red is committed to quality, conceiving their products with creativity and ingenuity, embracing its possibilities in terms of a lifestyle beyond just consumption. When it comes to enjoying unique cannabis experiences that go beyond the mere immediate impressions and ensure pleasurable results.