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3C Farms has a mission to provide a superior cannabis experience that can elevate the mind, the body, and soul. In order to do so, they have a wide-ranging catalog full of different strains and blends with particular effects in mind.


3C Farms Cannabis Strains


  • Clockwork Elves (Indica) – Sweet herbal aroma with immediate and long-lasting sedative effects.
  • Club 33 OG – Piney scent with long-lasting euphoric and sedative effects.
  • Cocoa Dulce – Herbal chocolate smell with heavy and focused sedative and euphoric effects.
  • Crystal Skull OG – Piney and skunky aroma with relaxing and sedative effects.
  • Enoch OG – Earthy and skunky aroma with a gradual onset of euphoric and relaxing effects.
  • Gelato 33 – Sweet and sour smell with pleasant uplifting effects.
  • Grape Krush – Grapey smell with gradual euphoric and mild sedative effects.
  • Illuminati OG – Piney and skunky scent with well-rounded effects for both newcomers and experts.
  • Kush Cookies – Floral and chocolate smell with heavy-hitting but overall pleasant effects.
  • Kushushima OG – Piney and earthy smell with hard-hitting sedative and relaxing effects.


  • Clockwork Elves (Sativa) – Herbal citrusy smell with immediate and long-lasting creative effects.
  • Jack Kraken – Sour herbal aroma with cerebral and creative effects.
  • Lime Sherbert – Citrusy piney smell with uplifting and cerebral long-lasting effects.
  • Strawberry Fields – Sweet berry smell with a slow onset of euphoric and uplifting effects.


  • Banana Split – Sweet herbal aroma with gradual but long-lasting euphoric effects.
  • Black Lotus – Floral grapey smell with heavy sedative but relaxing effects.
  • Blu Chardonnay – Flowery grape scent with an easy onset and creative euphoric effects.
  • Chemdawg Trails – Sour skunky aroma with uplifting and focused euphoric effects
  • Element 115 – Sweet herbal aroma with highly relaxing and deep mind and body-high effects.
  • High Jump – Sour piney smell with a quick onset and focused creative effects.
  • Project Blue Book – Sweet and citrusy smell with a euphotic and focused creative effects.
  • Sasquatch Sap – Sweet piney smell with a quick onset and creative and relaxing effects.
  • Strawbinati – Sour berry aroma with euphoric and energetic effects.