Select Cannabis

Select Cannabis was founded in 2016 and they had a simple yet important mission- making safer cartridges.  With test requirements that are stricter than state compliance, they were listed as #45 of the fastest-growing U.S. countries by Inc. 5000 in 2018.  They’re committed to staying ahead of the curve with integrity, innovation, and staying true to their original objective- safe, enjoyable experiences through products such as cannabis drinks and partnering with local farmers.  Any LA weed dispensaries worth visiting would carry products from such a transparent and dedicated company.


select cannabis


Select Cannabis Product Lines

  • Select Squeeze – Their THC beverage enhancers can be added to just about anything, and can be used anywhere at any time.  Discrete, potent, and flavorful, Select Squeeze is available in flavors like watermelon, lemon lime, and hint of sweet.
  • Select Fresh – Distillate oil meant for their new rechargeable batteries, Select Go.  Don’t be deceived by its size though.  Though their .3 cartridges are slim their potency range  comes in at 75%-85%.  These vape products are available in sativa (Strawberry Cough, Lemon Cake), indica (Purple Punch, Grape Ape), and hybrids (Berry Gelato, Sherbet) for those seeking the best of both worlds. 
  • Select Elite – The best selling vape cartridge on the market!  Their wide variety of oils include tropical and uplifting Maui Wowie (sativa), relaxing and sweet Platinum Kush (indica), and euphoric and woody Cherry Pie (hybrid).