Space Coyote

As cliche as it might sound, Space Coyote’s story begins on the night of a meteor shower.  Their origin story and subsequent branding are nostalgic for the 1960s, making their products the ideal addition to any Los Angeles weed store.  They pride themselves in delivering a high unlike any other that both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike can enjoy, courtesy of their flavor profiles that can’t be found in a classic rolled joint.  When not working on adding to their line of pre-rolls and other high quality hash and resin products, Space Coyote is supporting small-time mixed media artists through commissions and sponsorships.  Community oriented and dedicated to perfecting the smoker experience.  What more could customers ask for when visiting their favorite LA dispensaries?


space coyote


Space Coyote Products

  • 1:1 Resin Joint – The lovechild of THC-rich resin and high CBD herbs.  Their Sativa resin joint has hints of lemon, grapefruit, menthol rub, and raspberry jam.  Their Indica resin joint is a lovely combination of spiced cake, cream, and gasoline.
  • Diamond Joint – The Diamond Joint is made possible thanks to Space Coyote’s partnership Eel River Organics, a respected purveyor of dry farmed flowers and concentrates.  Both their Sativa and Indica joint has almost 30% THC, and while one is energizing and the other soothing they’re both nothing short of mind-blowing.
  • Hash Joint – These hash joints are some of the smoothest pre-rolls on the market.  Their secret?  By partnering with Nasha Extracts, the top producer of ice water hash in the Golden State that uses pure mountain water for gentle extraction.  Their joints combine some of the most flavorful and potent herbs and extracts on the market, guaranteed to have something to satisfy any palate.