All it takes is a brief glance at their site’s blog to see what STIIIZY is all about- empowerment.  They have participated in campaigns, protests, marches, and other events as part of a movement.  They’ve taken stands against racism, raised money to combat breast cancer, and encouraged voting in the 2020 presidential election.  Remaining socially conscious while running a business in the legal cannabis industry is hardly a surprising thing to see, but STIIIZY makes it look easy to balance openings, product launches, and connecting with LA dispensaries while helping people and their communities. 


Product Lines by STIIIZY

  • STIIIZY – Name brand vapes available in regular size, BIIIG, and LIIIL disposable.
  • Pods – Available in Original, Silver, and Gold.  Original terpenes are extracted from a variety of natural flora, Silver comes from local single-sourced cannabis plants, and Gold live resin preserves are created through flashing-freezing.
  • LIIT – Their indoor cannabis products include premium flower, pre-rolls, and live rosin pre-rolls.  Potent, pure, and premium quality.  Indica strains include Rainbow Kush and Grape Octane.  Sativa strains include Orange Crush and Circa.  Hybrid strains include China White and Space Glue.  Live resin infusions include Banana Split flower with Orange Popsicle live resin (sativa), White Raspberry flower with Rocket Fuel live resin (indica), and Blue Burst flower with GG4 live resin (hybrid).
  • Extracts – STIIIZY carries live rosin jam, live rosin badder, and curated live rosin.  All of their extracts are bred to perfection using state of the art techniques resulting in an abundance of flavorful strains.  Indica strains include Cherry Pie and Rainbow Cake.  Sativa strains include Blue Dream and Orange Bang.  Hybrid strains include Banana OG and Sugar Cookies.
  • BIIT – Cannabis sour gummies in both cube and straw form, they come in childproof packaging to keep little hands away.  Sour straws come in four flavors tangy including green apple and blue raspberry, and cubes come in seven flavors including watermelon and black cherry.