Stone Road

stone road


What do you get when you cross minimalism, sun-grown organic farming, and affordable cannabis products?  Stone Road, a brand that specializes in outdoor cannabis on their off-grid farm.  Their joints are rolled in French papers and their packaging includes lovely photography of their 57 acre farm.  Visit your favorite weed shops in Los Angeles to see for yourself why Stone Road’s premium flower joints are so popular.


Stone Road Cannabis Products

  • Birthday Cake Pre-Roll Pack – If you are in the mood for something potent and sweet then look no further than the Birthday Cake pre-rolled joints.  With 20.74% THC you can count on these joints to give you a full body high that’s nothing short of absolute bliss.  

  • Tropicana Cookies Sativa Sauce – Need a little inspiration, a mood booster, or a midday pick-me-up?  Citrus-flavored Sativa products never fail to deliver the energy needed to get you through the day with a smile on your face, and the Tropicana Cookies sauce is no exception.

  • Animal Cookies Indica Sugar – Boasting a legendary lineage of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, this flavorful artisanal sugar is perfect for relaxation, pain relief, and trouble sleeping.  We’ve heard through the grapevine that its delightfully sweet grape flavor is without equal.

  • Wedding Cake Cannabis Flower – Wedding Cake is a classic, and Stone Road’s contribution lives up to the strain’s reputation.  Earthy and floral, it’s perfect for unwinding after an intense workout or pain relief.