STONER710 has a very ambitious goal – to do away with stigma and stereotypes surrounding stoners.  Rather than see stoners as lazy and out of touch, they believe in advancing the productive, creative, and successful stoners of the world.  As far as they’re concerned being a stoner is something to celebrate, and there are few better ways of doing so than with STONER710’s high end extracts. 


STONER710 Cannabis Concentrates

  • Super Lemon Haze Sugar – Super Lemon Haze is a popular strain that every stoner is bound to encounter at least once.  Why not try it as a sugar that’s almost as white as pure snow and has the faint smell of lemon-lime soda?  The flavor is a unique blend of citrus, pepper, and spice.
  • Super Sour Diesel – Very pungent and potent, it’s the ultimate Sativa concentrate, and definitely not for newcomers or the faint of heart.  Bred from Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, it will fight off stress while giving you bursts of energy.  In the mood for some sour lemon drop candies?  STONER710 has you covered with the Super Sour Diesel.
  • Garlic Monkey Badder – A hybrid badder made from crossing Garlic Mints and Grease Monkey.  This concentrate starts out with a mild but savory garlic flavor and has a smooth, satisfying buttery finish.  Bread not required. 
  • Sour Grapes Live Resin Sugar – Also known as Grape Stomper, this strain comes from a lovely looking neon green flower with little orange hairs and a dense trichome layer.  Primarily THC with just a sprinkle of CBD, this resin sugar is the perfect combination of sour and sweet.