In Italian ‘Tutti’ means ‘intended for all’, and this perfectly sums up what they’re all about.  After having set out to make high quality cannabis products that are easily affordable to everyone in California, they pride themselves in their transparency and the efforts that they take to help customers understand their pricing.  Whether you prefer bongs, joints, or pipes, Tutti is sure to have something you will enjoy.


Products By Tutti

  • Indica Hash – This flower topper, while technically a hybrid, is 70% Indica.  Exceptionally potent and boasting a very pungent resin, it’s the recommended go-to for insomniacs everywhere.
  • Sativa Sugar Diamonds – Cannabis products don’t need to be pretty, but isn’t it nice when they are?  It adds a little extra something to the high.  Made from fresh frozen flowers sourced right here in Cali, these lovely little gems are chock full of THC and energy-inducing Sativa goodness.
  • Hybrid Infused Pouch – Eager for a high, but not quite sure which strain you’re in the mood for?  Now you don’t have to choose.  Tutti’s kief-infused ground flower is as versatile as it is balanced, coming in a perfect 50-50 of Indica and Sativa.
  • Hybrid Sauce – Still caught between strains but looking for something a little smoother?  Tutti’s hybrid live resin sauce looks just like applesauce, but don’t be deceived by its docile appearance.  It’s a potent resin that lets you tap into both Indica’s and Sativa’s properties to get the best of both worlds.