URSA Extracts

Dispensaries in Los Angeles are scrambling to get their hands on the cartridges, resins, and diamonds made by URSA Extracts.  Why?  Simple- there’s nothing like them anywhere else.  True-spectrum concentrates and cartridges that taste magical and exotic, are the preferred brand for connoisseurs of high grade extracts.  Brought to you by extractors from Humboldt County, their concentrates and cartridges are 69-98% THC and include up to 14% strain-specific, cannabis-derived terpenes.


ursa extracts


Cannabis Products by URSA

  • Lemon Tree Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridge – Reach for Lemon Tree when you’re looking to relax, need a euphoric boost, or simply want a little more pep in your step.  Medical marijuana patients will appreciate the chronic pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties that this hybrid cross between Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel has to offer.
  • Strawberry Banana Live Resin – This Indica resin was a collaborative effort between Serious Seeds and DNA Genetics.  Heavy resin with high THC content, prepare for a peaceful high that leaves you feeling more alert and in touch with your inner artist.  Not to mention it’s quite sweet!
  • Limeade Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridge – Experience Limeade like never before in a medical grade diamond cartridge.  Powerful but not too tart, the lovely lime flavor will suck you in while the terpenes will have you coming back for another hit.