Viola is all about community development.  Not only have they created a coalition of minority investors and owners, but they’ve also partnered with and funded a Social Equity Program in LA.  Using the Viola brand’s products in weed shops in LA only helps further their cause to give back and help the community thrive.  The dispensaries LA has to offer, like Roots LA, are proud to carry their products.


Cannabis Products by Viola

  • Blue Dream Pre-Roll – This strain is as potent as it is sweet, and it’s very sweet!  High in THC, it’s a legendary strain hailing from Northern California that has slowly but surely stolen the hearts of users all over The Golden State.
  • Viola OG Diamonds – A Viola exclusive, these heavenly resin gems certainly live up to the name ‘diamonds’.  Prepare for a full-body high that keeps you physically grounded yet mentally liberated, as its euphoria effect and earthy flavor are unmatched.
  • Bucketz Badder – This badder is not to be trifled with.  A powerful strain if there ever was one, it has a unique scent and flavor combination- the scent is strong gas, whereas the flavor is fruity.  Reach for this golven Sativa wonder when you’re in the mood to try something a little on the odd side, but satisfying nonetheless.
  • Moonshine Haze Live Resin / HTE Pod – The winner of 2011’s High Times “Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam” is now available in a convenient little vape pen thanks to Viola.  Bred from Nevil’s Wreck and Amnesia Haze (which won the same award in 2012), its rich mango flavor is sure to whet your appetite.