West Coast Cure

Clean pre-rolls, hard and fast vapes, and world famous badder are three things that come to mind when talking about West Coast Cure.  From their website to Weedmaps to your favorite Los Angeles weed dispensary, and everywhere in between, everyone agrees that WCC is one of the finest suppliers of concentrates and other cannabis products.  The ‘cure’ in their name refers to mastering the craft, as properly cured cannabis flowers are aged to perfection and never lose quality of potency.


west coast cure


The Best of West Coast Cure

  • Motor Breath Diamonds – If high THC content and an inclination towards the Indica end of the spectrum is what you’re after, Motor Breath is the strain for you.  Potent and pungent, these gems are chock full of lemony and diesel goodness.
  • Alien Cookies Live Resin Sauce – Whether you’re looking to motivate or medicate, this 50/50 hybrid strain does it all.  This sauce has a delightful vanilla flavor with hints of maple.  Pain relief, creativity, and giggle fits never tasted so good.
  • Medellin Pre-Roll – A cross between two epic strains, Wedding Cake and ChemDog, this cured joint is ideal for stress relief, insomnia, and those in need of a serious mood boost.  While you may enjoy the potent flavor and pungent aroma your neighbors may not.  Don’t underestimate how strong its odor is after lighting up!
  • Purple Zkittlez Canned Flower – Much like its namesake, this strain is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.  The Indica-dominant hybrid is guaranteed to help you relax, and you can practically taste the award winning appeal that helped it earn both 1st Indica at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and Michigan and 1st Place at the 2016 Emerald Cup.