West Coast Trading Company

Home to aptly named products like the ‘Best in the West Collection’, West Coast Trading Company is a purveyor of curated flowers no enthusiast can go without.  They keep their quality high and their prices low so you can enjoy some of the best strains that LA dispensaries have to offer on any budget.  Their catalog is rounded out by exotic strains, intense concentrates, and enjoyable pre-rolls.  Come by Roots LA and see why everyone is raving over West Coast Trading Company


Strains from West Coast Trading Company

  • Bananas Foster – An Indica-leaning strain bred from Girl Scout Cookies and Banana OG, both timeless and loved worldwide, it’s known to help relieve you of anxiety and aches.  Kick back and relax as you revel in its cinnamon, pine, lavender, orange, and hops flavor and aroma profile.
  • Gizmo – The Sativa-leaning lovechild of Chem D and Grease Monkey, Gizmo is as fun and energetic as the 80s movie character it shares its name with.  Herbal, earthy, floral, and downright flavorful, a few puffs is more than enough to add a little extra color to your day.
  • Truffle Monkey – Another descendent of Grease Monkey, this time with Truffula Tree.  Truffle Monkey is Indica leaning and gives you a soothing head high while easing any mental and physical tension that you just can’t shake.  Tranquil sensations and tropical flavors are in store when you break out this flower.
  • Blueberries and Cream – An Indica leaning strain with legendary genetics.  From its OG Blueberry ancestry it received anti-anxiety properties, and from Cookies and Cream it gained the ability to offer one of the strongest euphoric sensations you’ve ever felt.  Floral and citrusy, Blueberries and Cream is right for any occasion.