In such a heavily saturated market it can be hard to stand out amongst other brands found in Los Angeles dispensaries.  Yet WONDERBRETT has managed to do just that.  Whereas other brands focus solely on quality and genetics, WONDERBRETT has a different approach – cultivating strains of the highest quality with the most intense, desirable flavor.  Come to Roots LA, your favorite LA weed shop, to see why WONDERBRETT became one of the biggest names since 1997.



  • Orange Banana – One of the earliest additions to WONDERBRETT’s catalog, and a descendent from OG Kush, Orange Banana has been reworked over and over again for decades.  Now it’s perfected, as made evident by the intensely enticing orange, citrus, and banana flavors.  Those with a sensitive palate will catch a hint of mint and pine!
  • Melon OG – Need to relax?  Melon OG is exactly what you’re looking for.  Cool and smooth, it has a combination of gentle flavors like honeydew, cucumber, and cantaloupe.  They might be subtle, but they’re definitely not weak!
  • Pink Picasso – This strain is an absolute masterpiece just as the name implies.  Complex terpene profile, exceptional flavor, immense potency, and a genetic lineage that would be the envy of any strain, Pink Picasso has it all.  In the mood for something elegant?  Its exquisite combination of candy, cinnamon, chocolate mint, and subtle floral notes are exactly what you need.
  • Grapes of Wrath – If you’re looking to try WONDERBRETT’s finest work to date, prepare to surrender to a euphoria like none other.  Grapes and graham crackers come together with an unparalleled genetic profile that made this hybrid strain possible.