If the spirit of adventure and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest could be combined and transformed into delectable weed edibles, they would no doubt become Wyld.  The Oregon-based brand uses all-natural fruit flavoring to provide fans of cannabis edibles with nothing but delicious authenticity.  Now that exceptional flavor is available in your favorite Los Angeles dispensaries!




Edibles by Wyld

  • Marionberry Gummy – This Indica blend is best enjoyed in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.  The real blackberry flavoring is subtle and sweet, perfect for unwinding after a hectic day, enjoying a quiet night in, or out appreciating nature as you get ready to sleep under the stars.
  • Blood Orange White Chocolates– Blood oranges are a little tart and a little sweet, perfect for enhancing the blank canvas that is white chocolate.  Its citrus appeal perfectly complements the Sativa strain infused in these weed edibles.
  • Pear Gummies – There’s no shame in wanting the best of both worlds.  If you’re in the mood for a little THC boost and a CBD pick-me-up these pear flavored gummies are exactly what you need.  Combined with the terpenes commonly seen in hybrid strains, it’s THC and CBD ratio is a perfect 1:1.
  • Peach White Chocolates – Peach is sweet and gentle, like friendly hugs and warm cuddles.  White chocolate is delicate and light, a perfect pick for being combined with fruity flavors.  Throw a little Indica into the mix and this cannabis edible becomes happiness and zen incarnate.