Yummi Karma

Yummi Karma is a brand that follows a ‘by us, for us’ approach to their business.  Run by two sisters, they specialize in making products for women to enjoy.  From their edible YK Drops tinctures to their lotions and deodorant, their products make it easier for women everywhere to live a more cannabis-friendly lifestyle.  Come to Roots LA, the best LA weed store to try them yourself, and start racking up some good karma of your own.

yummi karma

Products by Yummi Karma

  • YK Mood Magic Drops – Meant to help with mood regulation and uterine health, these drops are specially formulated to ease the difficulties that come with PMS.  THC, raspberry leaf, dandelion, and more come together in this handy little dropper to make those days a little less frustrating.
  • High Gorgeous Match Beauty Drops – This small bottle is packed full of ingredients, including a 5:1 CBD to THC ratio that helps protect and repair your skin.  The lovely scents of chamomile and red clover combined with Vitamin C and Vitamin E will leave you looking absolutely radiant.
  • YK High Spirits Drops – This edible mood booster is not to be underestimated nor trifled with.  Its CBD to THC ratio is 20:1, making it an ideal product for veteran users.  Newcomers use it with caution!
  • High Gorgeous Inner Glow Drops – These drops are a potent blend of CBD and THC.  The herbal formula helps your skin stay youthful and fights signs of aging.  Is there anything cannabis can’t do?