​​What Tasty Edibles Are Available in Cannabis Stores Near Me?

Cannabis stores near me

As someone who loves their edibles, you’re probably wondering, ‘What delectable varieties are available in the cannabis store near me?’ Well, it depends on where you live, but if you reside within the Los Angeles area, there are a lot of options to choose from. These edibles will satisfy your every craving, while pleasantly intoxicating you with high-grade strains that today’s cannabis market has to offer. In this piece, we’ll feature a few of the tastiest edibles you’ll ever experience. These goodies are carried by some of the top brands in the recreational marijuana industry, and you’ll be guaranteed top quality all the way.

Heavenly Sweet’s ‘Game On Chicken Wings’

You’re probably thinking, ‘How does this even work? How can you infuse cannabis into chicken wings? Is that even possible?’ Dear reader, it is. Lest you forget, a common ingredient of every flavorful chicken wing recipe is butter. And this is where you swap your regular dairy stick with some hard-hitting cannabutter.

The good news is, Heavenly Sweet has the recipe for the Game on Chicken Wings written down on its website. So feel free to try it yourself.

Cannabis stores near me

Kiva Confections’ Artisanal Chocolate Bars

We all know that chocolate and cannabis are a match made in heaven. But there’s something about adding an artisanal touch to it that makes you feel more cultured and sophisticated. And that’s exactly what Kiva Confections’ artisanal chocolate bars are all about.

You can choose between the classic milk chocolate, the deliciously bittersweet dark chocolate, and something you likely don’t come across often: blackberry dark chocolate. It will be a total celebration for your sweet tooth and taste buds.

Each pack contains 100 mg of THC, so this one can kick you hard. Be careful as you indulge, but if being glued to the couch is your mission, then feel free to go nuts.

Baked Betty’s Rice Crispy Treats

If there’s one snack that can instantly bring you back to your childhood, it’s rice crispies. You’ll inevitably find these little treats amongst a large pile of candies and lollipops inside your Halloween bag. Now, infuse some cannabis into the equation, and you’ve got Baked Betty’s rice crispy treats.

You’ve got a few different varieties to choose from, whether it’s caramel, churros, peanut butter, cookies and cream, and rainbow. What makes it stand out are its base ingredients of vanilla, creamy marshmallows, and of course, some cannabutter. Each package comes with two rice crispies that contain 50 mg of THC each. You might want to keep this out of reach of your kiddos because these bad boys can wreak havoc.

Are These Edibles Available in Cannabis Stores Near Me?

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