What Energizing Strains Are Available In Weed Stores Near Me?

Weed stores near me

“What energizing strains can I buy from weed stores near me?” As an herb-loving individual, you’ve likely asked yourself this question many times over. You’re having a slow, lethargic day, and you want to spice things up a bit with the help of a stimulating Sativa.

It’s not a question of are they available, but more of “what can I expect?” The reality is, there isn’t one answer to this. You will find a few good ones that you’re probably coming across for the first time.

Now, we understand that your time is precious and insufficient for you to do some deep research. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list down the uplifting Sativa you’ll find in a weed store near you.

Maui Wowie

The name itself should be a giveaway of its Hawaiian roots. Everyone who knows anything about cannabis is familiar with this classic Sativa. If you’re in a creative rut, Maui Wowie’s essence will activate your brain’s right hemisphere and get those juices flowing in no time. All you need is a few big hits to get the job done. Its ability to provide an energy boost makes it the perfect daytime companion.

In terms of taste, you’ll be treated with sweet tropical pineapple flavors with a blend of citrus. That’s a champion blend, right there.

Weed stores near me


We all have those dull, dreadful workdays when you’re just itching to get the day done already. But with a strain like Mimosa at your disposal, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Within the first few tokes from this delightful strain, you’ll instantly feel uplifted and ready to take on any tedious task in front of you. The one caveat, however, is you may feel too relaxed and sleepy when taken in large doses. So if you’re using this for the daytime, keep it at microdoses. A generous puff or two should do the trick.

As for the flavor, the name should give you a clue. Upon the first hit, you’ll be greeted with a fruity, citrusy taste.

Jack Herer

The third and final item on this list is the inimitable Jack Herer. Named after the late great cannabis activist, this one came about from the union of a Haze hybrid with the influential Northern Lights and the potent Shiva Skunk. If you happen to be feeling sluggish and listless, you can count on Jack Herer’s cerebral-boosting effects to jolt you to productivity. A few puffs in, you’ll notice yourself becoming more clear-headed, ready to take on any tasks at hand.

Flavor-wise, you’ll experience an herbal, lemony, and woody taste. It’s a perfect complement for the sweet and spicy aromas.

Are These Strains Available in the Weed Store Near Me?

If you live in the Sun Valley area, you can get these strains at Roots Los Angeles along Sherman Way. We also have 16 other stores spread across LA County. And if for some reason you aren’t able to drop by, just send us your orders and we’ll deliver them to your door.

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